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Teeth Whitening

Starting at $80
  • Safe for sensitive teeth
  • FDA Approved
  • Fluoride & Gluten Free
  • Most see 4 shades whiter with one visit

Procedures Offered

Teeth Whitening 1st Time Treatment

Initial Visit


First time visits take about 45 minutes. Most people see noticeable whitening results after the first treatment. Experience a radiant smile without an expensive trip to the dentist. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

Teeth Whitening 6 pack

10% Discounted Series


Save over $50 when you pre-purchase a full 6 pack series of treatments. Your initial treatment and subsequent treatments are all discounted by 10% and you’ll be ready to book and come in each month knowing all your sessions are paid for.

Call To Purchase

Teeth Whitening Touch-Up

Keep Those Teeth White


If you’ve had a first time appointment and are looking for your monthly follow up treatment then book here! For maximum results we highly recommend a series of 6 treatments, book one each month or schedule ahead of time and pre-purchase a discount series.

What to expect?

How quickly will you see results?

While we recommend 6 monthly visits for maximum results, most people will experience an improvement of 3-4 shades whiter immediately after your first treatment. Subsequent treatments will only enhance with each visit.

How often should I touch up?

Touch-ups are recommended every 6 months. So for continual results a monthly treatment is suggested. Daily use of tea, wine, coffee and cigarettes can and will shorten the whitening results of your sessions. Regular visits will keep your pearly white smile looking their best.

How long is an appointment?

Your first appointment takes the longest, expect to be here for an average of 50 min. Follow-up treatments will only take 30 minutes.

Tell me about the product used to whiten

High viscosity gel formula provides maximum adhesion. This is crucial so that whitening gel remains suspended on tooth surfaces. Many thin and watery whitening gels “run off” teeth during the whitening process, which compromises a uniform and consistent bleaching of tooth stains and discolorations.

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