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Intra-Oral Massage

Starting at $60
  • Target TMJ Pain
  • Decrease Headaches
  • Alleviates muscle tension in the jaw, neck and head

Intra-Oral Massage

Intra-Oral Massage is very detailed work on the neck, face and inner mouth (with gloves on) to help relax and release tension in these areas. The therapist will work one side at a time, a visible difference in the face can be seen during the half way point in this treatment. Anyone can benefit from this treatment but most of our clients are looking for TMJ, headache or pain relief.


Treatment Time: 30min *$60, 60min*$100.95.

*Member and first time client pricing

What to expect

TMJD & Headaches

Intra-Oral massage helps bring some relief to these specific issues. This treatment involves detailed inner mouth work to assist in the relaxation of deep muscles of the jaw. In order to release them effectively it’s easiest to go through the mouth. When doing this we are able to better hold trigger points, as well as relax the muscles more thoroughly. This relief can take pressure off of the Temporomandibular joint relaxing the ear, jaw, and a bit of temporalis. All of which can be attributing factors to these issues.

Gloves used during treatment

Because this is a more invasive treatment your therapist will be using multiple sets of gloves throughout the session. Your therapist will also drape a bib or towel below the chin to protect your neck and chest from getting saliva on it. One of your arms will be draped outside of the covers so you can signal your therapist if at anytime you are uncomfortable.

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