Lymphatic Drainage Packages


Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

  • Recover Faster
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Treatments can start the day after surgery
  • We work with Post Op Recovery clients every week at Summit
  • Our Spa is Physician Recommended by some of the top Plastic Surgeons in Utah

(In home sessions are priced for clients living in Utah County. Additional fees apply for clients outside of Utah County)


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This is a slow, light pressure treatment that is designed to increase lymphatic flow and reduce edema (swelling). Individuals wishing to see a significant decrease in Lymphedema or post op recovery should consider a packages series and come regularly. MLD Face cupping is also available a can be done the day after surgery to reduce facial swelling & sinus problems.

Who are (MLD) treatments good for?

The majority of the clients we work with come in specifically on recommendations from their physicians post op. The most common concerns addressed are women who have have had lymph nodes removed because of Breast Cancer. Other common reasons our clients come in are to help aid in post op recovery from face, knee, hip, abdominal or back surgery. Clients who are familiar with the Lymphatic System will also come in just to simply stimulate the flow of the lymph to prevent illness or infection. Essentially everyone can benefit from stimulating the lymph, especially those who are wanting to detox their systems.

Why Lymphatic Drainage therapy is beneficial?

A stagnant Lymphatic System can be likened to bath water that’s been bathed in and has been sitting for days. That doesn’t exactly sound like something you’d want to bathe in if you were looking to clean your body, now does it? The bath tub has a drain that needs to be pulled when a bath is over. Consequently the lymph, unlike other systems of our body, does not have an internal pump or drain. Lymph moves through our body because of movement, when we are stagnant so is our lymph. This means that movement of our bodies is critical to healthy lymph circulation.

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Lymphatic Drainage Packages

15 Series with 3 in Home Sessions, 15 Series all at the spa, 10 Series with 3 in Home Sessions, 10 Series all at the spa


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