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Scrubs, Wraps & Body Treatments

  • Reduce Pain
  • Detoxify
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Improve range of motion
  • Broad Spectrum NO THC - You cannot fail a drug test by using these products, safe for Military, Police and Fire!

CBD Body Treatments

Back In Balance

Calm Inflammation, Soothe Pain


This treatment combines the natural minerals in a Boreal Forest Back & Foot Mud Mask with broad-spectrum Hemp which are absorbed via the skin which will stimulate the immune system, and finishes with a massage that promotes muscular relation & relieves pain. 60min. Treatment

CBD Coffee & Boreal Mud Treatment

Ultimate Relaxation


Try one of our 3 relaxing & rejuvenating treatments. Choice 1: 50 min. Coffee scrub & mud wrap. Choice 2: 75min. Coffee scrub & Boreal mud wrap with a premium facial. Choice 3: 100min. Scrub, wrap, hot oil scalp treatment & massage .

CBD Relief Massage

Top Ten Forbes List Pain Cream


Our broad spectrum (THC FREE) products boast over 400mg of CBD in the oil & pain cream. We haven't carried a line of CBD before because honestly we've never tried a product we loved & could stand behind. This was an immediate hit with our entire staff (and their significant others) because they could feel the healing properties right away. We know you'll love it! * Prices listed are member & first time client pricing.

Body Treatment & Facial Benefits

Increased Circulation

Body Treatments do feel amazing but are also very beneficial for different reasons. Sugar, coffee, and salt scrubs all help exfoliate the skin helping to excelarate the turn over of new skin but also immediately increase the circulation to the areas being worked on. Your therapist will work on an area long enough to produce a pinkish hue and warming sensation to the skin before moving on to the next area.

Facial designed for him

Let's face it, men actually care about aging skin and spots that begin to appear on their skin. Give our Aestheticians a chance to teach you about a 3 step process you can easily manage at home to combat your specific skin issues. Trust the professionals and let us help you relax and tailor this facial just for you.

What clients are saying

Clarissa H.

“I used some of the CBD body butter on my eczema and it cleared it up so quickly.” -July 2021


“My husband and I use the pain cream a few times each day. It really works, we love it.” -July 2021