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Seasonal Treatments

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Seasonal Delights

Very Velvet Massage

Mood: Worth The Wait


We get it. Pumpkin patch exploring and apple picking can be very daunting tasks, leaving muscles feeling strained and tired. May we suggest a pampering session with this soothing shea butter massage with notes of cinnamon and cream? With each effleurage stroke, muscle tension is eased with a blend of Agave Nectar Oil, cocoa butter and nourishing aloe. 60 Min. Treatment

Heavenly Holiday Meltdown

Total Body Indulgence


Savor a peaceful holiday moment in total pleasure. Prep skin with a sweet cream scrub that polishes the festive day away. Take a deep breath - and hold - as a rich, dark chocolate softening mask is painted over you before you're cocooned in with a hot butter brulee whole milk wrap - skin is softened and moisturized. Finish with a warm Sweet Cream Body Milk massage. May the rest of your day be merry and bright! 90 Min. Treatment

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Roasted Chestnut & Gingerbread

Hot Stone Relief


The weather outside is frightful, but inside the spa it's SO delightful! Sink into bliss with notes of Roasted Chestnut enveloping you as a steaming hot towel and stones, glistening with vitamin E soothes your aches and tight spots. You'll be drizzled in antioxidant-rich body oil, scented with notes of buttery gingerbread, and then deeply massaged with hot stones. A true holiday delight! 75 Min. Treatment

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Body Treatment Benefits

Increased Circulation

Body Treatments do feel amazing but are also very beneficial for different reasons. Sugar, coffee, and salt scrubs all help exfoliate the skin helping to excelarate the turn over of new skin but also immediately increase the circulation to the areas being worked on. Your therapist will work on an area long enough to produce a pinkish hue and warming sensation to the skin before moving on to the next area.

Lymphatic Movement

Dry Brushing is commonly used during our body wraps, dry brushing not only sluffs off dead skin but also stimulates the Lymphatic system. Often overlooked the Lymphatic system is a crucial part of our body that helps eliminate waste from our cells. A sluggish Lymphatic system often results in edema or swelling of the limbs, neck or face. We often work with post cancer clients who have had Lymph nodes removed to help decrease swelling.

What Our Clients Have to Say


This place is amazing! I will definitely be a returning customer! The massage always exceeds my expectations and the float was definitely a fun, new, relaxing experience! Loved it!

Lisa S.

Wow! Spa environment and services are like nothing we’ve seen around here! Massage was amazing. Sam made me feel so pampered and CARED for! Float is next appt., and a facial too!