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New Year Giveaway Skin Event

  • When

    Tuesday January 4th - 6th

  • Time

    9:00am - 10:00pm

  • What

    Schedule a 30min. express Oxygen Facial at one of our 3 locations during our event to be entered to win one of our 2 Skin Package Giveaways.

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Special Offers at this event

  • BRIDE TO BE 6wk countdown GIVEAWAY

    Healthy, glowing skin takes time and this package is designed for each bride and tailored to your skin care needs with our Physician Strength skin treatments. This package includes an initial facial with skin consultation and detailed plan with a Master Aesthetician, Microneedling, 2 chemical peels, and an Oxygen Facial the week of your wedding. This package will leave you with a dewy radiant complexion ready for the big day.

    What to expect:

    Week 1: Skin Consult & Premium Facial with product recommendations
    Week 1: Microneedling
    Week 2: Healing
    Week 3: Basic Peel
    Week 4: Healing
    Week 5: Healing
    Week 6: Oxygen Facial 1-3 Days prior to wedding

    $435.85 VALUE


    This package is designed with Anti-Aging in mind!

    Expertly tailored for your skin needs every step of the way. Your package begins with a completely customized premium facial with one of our Master Aesthetican skin experts. Then in the following weeks you will go through a 3 series of microneedling and 3 series of chemical peels. The chemical peels will start basic and then graduate to our advanced peels. Finally you’ll finalize your series of sessions with your Aesty with an Oxygen Facial.

    What to Expect:

    Week 1: Skin Consult & Premium Facial with product recommendations & pre package documentation photos

    Week 2: Microneedling w/Basic Chemical Peel

    Week 3: Healing

    Week 4: Healing

    Week 5: Healing

    Week 6: Microneedling w/Advanced Chemical Peel

    Week 7: Healing

    Week 8: Healing

    Week 9: Healing

    Week 10: Microneedling w/Retinol Chemical Peel

    Week 11: Healing

    Week 12: Healing

    Week 13: Healing

    Week 14: Week 6: Oxygen Facial with results photos

    $949.80 VALUE

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Trying to decide if Botox and injections are right for you?

If you are looking for a subtle way to improve the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles here are a few reasons you’ll enjoy Botox.

  • Botox can be preventative, injecting the targeted muscles from ensuing wrinkles both men and women are starting Botox in their earlier years to help prevent deepening lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduce wrinkling in the crows feet, forehead and 11’s.
  • Little to no down-time after your injections, avoid exercising or laying down for a few hours after having your injections.
  • Very little pain. Most describe Botox like feeling a pin prick.
  • Botox takes about a week before you will see the full results. Subtle, natural results is what we strive for, no one will know you even had it done, they’ll notice you look younger but won’t be able to tell what it was. Perfect!
  • Botox lasts 4-6 months so maintenance is minimal.

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