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Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

Starting at $300
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip Blushing
  • Lash Enhancement
  • Microblading
  • Powder Brows

Procedures Offered

Lip Blushing

Full Lip Tint


Lip Blushing is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that will shape and color of your lips giving the illusion of fuller lips in a natural way. This glossy touch will make the lips appear to have a natural tint. Clients can expect results to linger for 1-2 years after the initial procedure. Treatment time: 3.5 hours


Feather Type Strokes


Tiny feathered like strokes are used when looking for a natural looking brow. No reason to be afraid that you’ll end up with a tattooed on line as each stroke is meant to look like an actual hair vs. the painted on line you may be accustomed to seeing with permanent makeup. Annual Brow touch up is just $250.

Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement

Wake Up & Go


Using tiny strokes, you’ll love the powder soft appearance of microbladed eyeliner. Moving beyond the once popular tattooed harsh lines, microbladed eyeliner only permeates the first layer of skin making it semi-permanent. The final look produces a look that will allow you to wake up and go each morning and skip your normal make-up routine. Top lid: $300 Top & Bottom Lid: $600

What to expect?


The week following your procedure you’ll want to wash the site gently with liquid soap and water and blot dry, then apply aftercare multiple times a day. As with any tattoo we highly recommend using a sunscreen over the area daily after the skin has healed to preserve the color.

Does it hurt?

Certainly each body is different so reactions to procedures vary by individual. We do use a medical grade topical anesthetic cream to numb the areas you are having worked on. This will be applied prior to and throughout the treatment to help keep you as pain free as possible.

How long will it last?

All of these procedures are actually semi-permanent meaning you’ll want to follow up with touch ups every 1-5 years depending on how your body retains the pigment implanted into your skin.


You can expect 5-10 days of healing after these sessions. You’ll definitely want to avoid touching the areas you’ve had a procedure on as to not spread bacteria into the open wounds.

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